Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I post wishes?

You should post things that you wish you could do but can't. These are things that you know you would be happy doing but are unable to do for some reason. Knowing that someone else in the world is doing what you are unable to because you suggested it will give you some satisfaction, even it isn't exactly as much as you would have had living your wish yourself.

Why should I realize wishes?

Sometimes the wishes that you can realize are truly exciting on their own. In those cases, you can think of realizing a wish as just doing something awesome. Other times, the wishes may seem like everyday things. These cases may be the most interesting, because somewhere in the world, someone is in a situation where they are unable to enjoy the thing you are able to. When these wishes come up, you should realize them and make a note to feel gratitude for your current situation that allows you to enjoy the act. You should then tell the wisher about the experience, to share the joy.

What if I want to experience my wish but not anyone else?

There are some experiences that you want for yourself but not for anyone else. That's fine. Sometimes fulfilling a wish means someone else won't get to experience it, such as when it depends on a limited resource. That means someone else getting your wish might mean you won't get to eventually. These types of wishes are probably fine to leave off of the wish☁cloud. However, often, these wishes aren't as zero-sum as they seem. So it's worth considering if it's really true that someone else realizing your wish hurts your chances at it. If not, finding out that someone else got to experience your wish because you posted it may just bring a little extra joy to you, so it may still be worth posting.

What happens when content gets flagged for community guideline violation?

The current system is that once any content is flagged by two users, it's quarantined. This means it is no longer visible to anyone except the original creator of the content. The creator can then delete the content, or leave it alone. For now, we have not built any way for the creator to dispute the flagging, but we are working on designing a fair process for resolving disputes.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by logging in and going to your settings. There's a button in settings to delete your account. You'll have to confirm the deletion request by choosing the confirmation option in the dropdown menu. When you delete your account, all wishes, realizations, thanks, and flags you've created will be deleted from the site and our database.

Why do you want me to log in using a third-party social account?

Logging in with a third-party account is often more secure. The main reason it's better for us if you connect with a third-party account is that then we don't have to store your info and manage passwords. The wish☁cloud is a low-budget operation, and we don't want to have the added server cost to support sending emails out if you lose your password.

The wish☁cloud is built using up-to-date, well-maintained open-source code from the Django development community. So things should be pretty safe. But I am not a security expert. My expertise in computing is in artificial intelligence, which plays no role in the wish☁cloud. So this is purely a side-project. All this means that while the site security should be safe, it's not foolproof, and I don't have a team to fix problems that come up, so the less of your information I store, the better. By using a third-party login, you can always revoke access from the third-party website if something goes wrong on this end.

Why is the site slow?

For now, we are running the wish☁cloud on a low-cost web-application hosting service. Once we set up proper finances for this project, we'll be able to upgrade to a more scalable solution. If you're experiencing any slowdowns, please let us know. Contact Bert. It could be a problem in our web-application code.