Community Guidelines

The purpose of the wish☁cloud is to make lives better. To help facilitate that, we expect all members to follow these community guidelines.

  1. Don't post wishes that encourage illegal or immoral acts to fulfill.

  2. Don't post wishes that encourage acts inappropriate for younger members. E.g., avoid posting wishes involving sex, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

  3. Don't reveal personally identifying information in your posts. All descriptions of wishes and realizations are available to the public.

  4. Only use the posting methods for their intended purpose. Post wishes for actual things you wish you could do but can't, and post realizations when you do the things the wishers couldn't. Avoid posting realizations just to send messages to the wishers or to comment. The wish☁cloud is intentionally designed to be different from other sites on the Internet, and we want to avoid free-form messaging and commenting.

  5. Don't post any language that discriminates against anyone's identity, whether that identity be based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, national affiliation, or political affiliation. The wish☁cloud will be best for everyone if it is a welcoming, inclusive community.

  6. Celebrate the differences among members of the wish☁cloud community. Many of us will have widely different life experiences, and these differences will lead to the most rewarding exchanges on the wish☁cloud.

  7. If you believe some content violates these community guidelines, report it by flagging posts or realizations.