About the wish☁cloud

The wish☁cloud is a community where people live their lives together. People post experiences they wish to have but cannot for some reasons, and others realize those wishes in their own lives and for the wishers. Through these small acts of vicarious living, the community shares the experience of humanity.

The wish☁cloud is under construction, and things will not always work while it's being built. It's also currently in beta (closer to alpha). Please let us know if anything isn't working right.

How it works


Post wishes that are a bit out of reach.


Fulfill any wishes you can.


Practice gratitude and experience joy for wishes being realized.


The wish☁cloud began as a small project in 2004 called Seriously Vicariously, which was my final project in a college course on how the Internet affects society. Since then, the idea had always been one of my favorite projects that I never made time for. Its reincarnation as the wish☁cloud finally began to take shape in 2017 as an attempt to create a space where the Internet's citizens come together to empathize and live together. It's my wish that the online world becomes a place where the benefits of interconnectedness drown out its dangers, and I hope the wish☁cloud can be part of that trajectory.